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How does my digital strategy fit the marketing strategy

As a marketer, brand owner or other stakeholder, you’ll know that the onset of the digital age, whilst exciting, has brought with it another conundrum. Gone are the days when we could develop the marketing and media strategy, employ the right people or agency, then sit back and watch the lights flash (…well, ish!)

Communication as we know it has changed. The rise of smart mobile devices redefines the customer engagement and marketing model. Its changing almost weekly. So, defining the traditional marketing strategy and the digital marketing strategy to include a robust social networking strategy (aka content marketing) in sync with each other, while allowing for step-shift in both has become almost a science in its own right. But… its not alchemy. This is what we do for our clients. Crystal clear, plain speaking, no geeks, no tech-talk.

So lets have a cuppa and we’ll share some bright ideas. We’ll even bring the biccies!

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So your reading this because we haven’t convinced you to pick up the phone yet! You’re asking yourself ‘do they look trustworthy, can they prove they can do it, are they credible’? Can these guys craft web, email, social and mobile that works for us?

Well, some quick facts:

• In business since ’93 and still here over 25 years later

• The only digital agency to win Gold awards for our strategy work with BP Oil

• Clients also include DHL, NHS, Abbott Laboratories, Marley and many more

But you’re also concerned about the fit – will we all get along? We wont know until we talk. A quality solution has to start with a quality conversation. So give us a call…

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A bit more about how we do what we do

We’ll understand you and your business right down to its DNA, and typically employ 10 different evaluation metrics to help build the strategy that right for you, your stakeholders, purse-holders and, more importantly, your customers.

Together, we’ll Identify the key opportunities and/or challenges in a business through:

• Stakeholder interviews
• Competitive analysis
• Features/functionality analysis
• Financial analysis

Then we’ll identify the unmet needs and goals of your customers, using:

• Customer interviews, sometimes including usability testing,
• Ethnographic research
• Web analytics
• Performance Assessment: Review of effectiveness of current digital technologies. Barriers. Needs.
• Funnel analysis
• Analytical CRM
• Multi-channel analysis
• Statistical surveys

Developing a vision and prioritizing a set of online initiatives

• Business plan or case
• Technical assessment
• Organisational and process assessment
• Portfolio management
• Online media plan
• Proof of concept
• Roadmap
• Measurement plan
• Governance model