The smartphone photoshoot

By f4group, August 13, 2013

The seemingly relentless advancement in digital camera and smart phone camera technology has provided both marketers and creative types with a powerful film and video tool, and as with all tools it can be misused and abused resulting in sometimes very beautiful and sometimes very ugly outcomes. The accessibility and ease of use of high definition, high quality equipment has often been heralded as the death nail for professional photographers, and professional photography.
If true, it would be a tragedy for not just the creative industry, but for business and consumers alike. The tendency in recent years has been to confuse digital camera technical performance with photographic outcomes, and with the ability to shoot dozens if not hundreds of shots in a short timeframe a ‘fingers crossed that one of them must be good’ mentality has grown up. Good photography requires structure and planning, it needs to tell a story and be appropriate in its context, aside
from the technical aspects of eye line, composition, lighting etc. Without trained art direction and technical photographic proficiency that product shot, hero image, or even portrait of the CEO for the annual review will always fall short and be a compromise. It’s a mute point to consider whether you’d compromise and use amateurs in any other part of your business.

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