Global MIMA Awards 2014:
How did we do?

By f4group, November 3, 2014

It was tense and our hearts were beating. There was this surreal atmosphere as the same thought kept going round and round “are we actually going to win this?” Thirty seconds suddenly feels like ten minutes while we wait to hear the winner. We’re all at the edge of our seats as we wait silently. We don’t even want to make eye contact with each so we stare, not sure at what, but we are in some catatonic state. Then the host of this annual, global awards ceremony announces “And the winner is….”

Let’s rewind – a little context. If you remember from a previous blog, we designed and managed GBRf’s Annual Conference this year. The conference came with the big task of producing a 5 minute introductory video to set the ‘ambition and growth’ theme that will stir emotions and make GBRf proud of what they have accomplished. However, the problem was that they did not have the budget for new footage – so for hours the F4 studio reviewed the vast library of images and video that could be used. After hours and hours and long nights ‘The Sting’ was born. At the conference the video hit the mark…. big time. Not only did it set the scene, make the GBRf staff proud, it even made people cry! Weeks after, Force Four were bombarded with emails with appreciation for the video.

We felt that this was so special that we shared it with those nice folks at MIMA to see if they thought it was worthy of entering into the awards. With our great history of winning at MIMA, we thought we would try our luck!

After hearing that we were shortlisted as finalists for both categories we were ecstatic. Up against mighty competition and budgets of organisations like Hilton Hotels Worldwide etc, we thought it would be a miracle if we won.

On Monday 20th October, the Force Four team headed down to the Lancaster Hotel in London for the gala dinner and the awards ceremony. It started brilliantly for the F4 team as they announced us as winners of the ‘Make MIMA’ competition (view our ‘we made MIMA’ blog post), they then continued by playing the animation to the hundreds sitting in the auditorium. After this and a glorious meal, the awards proceeded. We were excited when we were announced Bronze for Best Brand Marketing Campaign! We had this feeling though, that we were not going to win a Gold. As it came to the Best Use of Video Marketing award we were at the edge of our seats. They read out the bronze winners… it was not us. They announced the silver winners … it was not us. There it is, we have either won this or not won at all. Time stopped at that point – tick tock at 110 decibels, or so it felt. Several hours later a voice says “And the winner is…. Force Four.” We were ecstatic as we heard our name. We did not expect it! The rest of the night? … Well let’s just say we celebrated – big time!

And there it is, We entered for two awards, we left with two awards!

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