3D is fantastic…

3D is everywhere! Film, animation, TV and advertising. You might ask why? Well, 3D is awesome! There are 3 reasons why you should choose CGI.

1) There is so much you can do with it. Perhaps no other medium can match 3D animation to show a quick visual summary of even the most complex product/service. It truly shines when it shows what can not be photographed. For example, 3D animation can fly through the solid steel of an automobile engine into the cylinders and pistons, do an extreme zoom from outer space down to an atomic nucleus in 3 seconds, anything…if you can imagine it, an animator can create it. For marketers this means you can demonstrate a product or service in ways that are way beyond what conventional photography can show.

2) Working with 3D is fun. Like we have said you can create anything you can imagine. This is where real creativity can flair. This is where we can advertise you by storytelling.

There are set ways in which we do this. First, We create a script and storyboard of your animation. Secondly, we create concepts of the styles, characters, scenery and more. Thirdly, we start on production. Finally, we make revisions. In this whole process you are fully involved in how this works and we guarantee you will enjoy it.

3) Stay ahead of your competitors. 3D animation can take an ordinary, mundane product and impart an intense “high – tech” look and feel to it. A Gillette razor becomes ultra – sleek like a jet plane in recent ads. Supporting graphic design elements as well as a touch of Hollywood special effects help make this work, but pace of movement, lighting and camera work contribute as well. No other medium elevates a product’s perceived qualities in quite the way animation can.

4) 3D is for you! No matter what industry you may be in, 3D animation accommodates for everyone. If you are unsure how this medium can help you then why not give us ring, or come in and chat. We have experience in advertising you especially in 3D.

If you are thinking about starting a video project with 3D, why not have a look at our previous jobs. We have completed 3D projects for video and created models of products for print. If you have doubts then let us put those to ease.