What is Augmented Reality?

By f4group, December 19, 2014

So you’ve only just got to grips with QR codes and the myriad uses for it. We’ve been flogging the QR Code thing to death over the last 5 years, but in the last 12 months, we’ve really got our heads around Augmented Reality (ta-daaaa!) Sounds groovy and by gum it is. So forget the QR revolution, its already passed you by. Get your teeth into AR – its the future (well at least for the next 12 months until some bright spark in the far east or the U.S. tells us we’re ‘so last year’)

So How’s It Work

We take a page from a brochure, a poster, a business card… whatever, and digitise it. We wrap it in the cloud and do some magic so that when you open the smart phone app and point your phone at the image, the same image loads dynamically into your phones screen, and comes to life with
rich video (a sales presentation, the CEO’s comment on the annual report – the list is endless) In addition, a number of floating buttons around the image appear to give you options to purchase, go to a web site, call the mobile of the local rep direct – there are no boundaries and it works…beautifully!

Go take a look at our recent case studies where, in two completely different applications, it has completely transformed the way their businesses operates. Pretty good huh?

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