Why Use Animation in Corporate Films?

Animated videos are very effective now because they have become more affordable and also circumvent some of the challenges with live action video (finding actors, scheduling interviews, identifying locations, etc.). When used correctly, animated video content can make a significant impact on the viewer. For brands, animation offers five unique benefits:

Customisable for Different Audiences

By employing animation in a branded video, you can pinpoint buyer personas and develop content designed only for them without the hassle of a lengthy production schedule or multiple shoots. In addition, making adjustments or tailored videos for different personas can be as simple as changing a graphic or colour scheme – there’s no need to get the entire film crew back together to shoot a scene.


Through animation, brands can have content as simple or complex as they wish. Animation can be customised to meet the needs of a particular video’s budget range. For more cost effective scenarios, a company can elect to keep animation sequences simple by focusing on dynamic text or simple illustrations. On the other hand, companies with larger budgets can have the flexibility to create complex scenarios that take the viewer on a really unique journey…without having to film anything at all.

Extends Existing Marketing Material

One of the advantages of using animation is the ability to draw inspiration directly from a brand’s image and use actual colour schemes, logos, etc. within the video. Often, a custom animation can feel very much like an extension of brochure, application or website. Animation is a great way to bring life to an existing white paper or ebook that may already exist.

Uses Voiceover

Unlike a traditional film shoot, animation does not require video production professionals to scout a location, apply for permits, or hold day-long casting calls. Relying on animation also overcomes the challenge of scheduling interviews or other scenarios within an organisation’s environment. In order to put the entire story together, a number of variables are removed and an animator can focus on timing the visuals with voiceover and background music. And, if there is a script or major content change during post-production, it’s easy to record the voiceover again versus scheduling a new interview.

Conveys Complex Information in a Simplistic Way

The most effective stories connect with their audiences. Without establishing a connection, audiences often have a difficult time understanding exactly how a product or service works, and therefore why they should engage your services. That’s why one of the biggest benefits of animation is the ability to describe complex ideas in a simple way. For example, technology companies often use animation to convey a how complex solution or process works. It’s the perfect solution for breaking things down that aren’t easily explained or even possible to film. When combined with a tightly written script, animation can really simplify a company’s solution and relate the material to audiences quickly.

And finally…

Animation is an exciting way to visually convey a branded message. It offers the ability to simplify messages while also staying true to a company’s brand. With YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, Vimeo and many other platforms catering to branded video content, businesses can use animation to create a unique user experience.

3D with no Voiceover (VOX)

Full 3D with Voiceover (VOX)

2D and 3D with Voiceover (VOX)

Full 3D with Voiceover (VOX)