“If you want to be found, start behaving like a brand”

Why employ a search engine optimisation company?

  • 80% of online transactions start with a search engine
  • Google handles several hundred million searches a day
  • Most people never get past the first page of results
  • If your website is not ranking on the front page for relevant terms, you cannot expect to compete online. If your website is not on that first page, it is, to some extent, invisible. Making use of the right SEO services is the most cost-effective way of attracting customers to your website.


Why employ Force Four to handle your SEO

Don’t just think SEO. Think 360 degree, total brand & marketing strategy!

Originally from a strategic brand marketing background, we’ve grown up delivering cutting edge strategies, across the marketing mix, to help big clients build bigger businesses, back in the days before the internet. Since then, we’ve mastered the online beast and social networking to produce truly outstanding, integrated campaigns, on and offline. Pure SEO companies do not have the total-campaign understanding and insight that we do. Blending SEO, social networking (content marketing), PPC, mobile (mocial), apps and offline activity is our science. It’s what makes us different. Its what makes us winners.
What does SEO entail?

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is about ensuring that a website ranks for relevant search terms. It also means ensuring that the traffic received from search engines converts into sales.
There are three main steps:

  • Choose the right keywords to target – they must be relevant, achievable and profitable
  • Tailor your site according to those keywords – help search engines see that your website relates to those words
  • Build links pointing towards your site – preferably those that encourage search engines to view your site as an important one in your particular market

The process is considerably more complex than that, with Google having said that when calculating rankings it considers over 200 factors – some with up to 500 variations. Nevertheless, these three points stand as a good framework for any SEO campaign.

What should your SEO company offer?

  • A proven track record
  • Technical know-how
  • Communication
  • An understanding of your business needs
  • A comprehensive and natural link building campaign

Can your current SEO company give you all of this?

What’s new in SEO?

  • Google is forever changing its emphasis in its efforts to create perfect search results. As a leading SEO company, we aim to keep you informed of recent changes Google has made. Changes affect how we do SEO.
  • Keeping it natural
  • Over the last 12 months or so, having a links profile that appears natural, not manipulated, has become more important than the sheer number of links pointing towards your site. This emphasis has ramifications for the type, source and anchor text of your inbound links.
  • Google Local updates
  • Having a bricks and mortar address referenced on your website and a Google Local listing has become essential in order to rank well for many search terms.
  • Camped out at Google our SEO specialists frequently talk to those ‘in the know’ in the USA. We’re connected at the deepest levels, knowing well in advance, whats moving and shaking. Nurturing these special relationships is what makes us different.

If you want further information on how we can help you with your SEO campaign, please ring our advisors on 0800 470 4441